What is a visual job description?

Tired of competing for the attention of top talent? Struggling to quickly convey to candidates the most appealing aspects of your company’s employment experience? Searching for a way to breathe some new life into your tired old job descriptions? You can accomplish all of this — and more — with visual job descriptions.

Tell me more about visual job descriptions...

Visual job descriptions represent an innovative, visual-based recruitment solution that will engage and inspire your talent pool. By offering prospective candidates a highly compelling snapshot of your company’s mission, values and accolades, combined with key attributes and skills that ideal candidates possess, you’ll encourage top talent to learn more and apply for your job opening.

Here’s why visual job descriptions pack such a powerful punch:


Design sells. Your job descriptions are made more enjoyable by the appeal of aesthetics. Your logo, brand color palette and iconography are put to good use and give context to the details. Show them, don't tell them.


Purpose focused content. Visual Job Descriptions are designed to increase your odds of creating content that is not only relevant, trustworthy and meaningful, but good enough to gain interest and drive action.

One size fits all

Designed to fit great in your popular social channels; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This 'snackable' size affords you to get straight to the point and showcase your opportunity anywhere you want.

1. A picture's worth a 1,000 words

2. Tout employment accolades

3. Unique requirements of the job

4. Visualize your brand

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Visual Job Description

Visual job descriptions: do more with less

Today, we’re all looking for ways to do more with less. Visual job descriptions are a way to do just that. They give candidates enough information to pique their curiosity and excite them about the prospect of working for your company — in a fraction of the time they’d spend reading a traditional job description. You’ll also save time for your talent acquisition department, as visual job description templates can be developed to meet a range of hiring needs. This means you’ll have a full arsenal to tap into as soon as a new position opens and your team needs to get the word out, fast.

  1. Visual job descriptions cut through the clutter of wordy job reqs and make a big impact in a matter of seconds while leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

  1. Offering candidates dynamic and cutting-edge content that is designed to pique their curiosity is far more engaging than the company-focused job descriptions that they’re used to seeing. You’ll demonstrate that your organization is forward-thinking and dedicated to delivering a candidate-focused recruitment experience.

  1. Visual job descriptions are ideal for reinforcing your employer brand while immediately distinguishing your organization from the competition.

Got it. Now how do I use it?

Aside from hosting visual job descriptions on your organization’s career site, social media is the ideal home for this content. Be sure your visual jobs link back to your career site so candidates can easily apply for those positions.

social media is the ideal home

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